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Signs That Your Business Needs A Fractional CFO

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Small businesses typically take 2 to 3 years to grow, and not many manage to get to that point. A good pace for business growth is around 15-25% annually,  and this is often achieved through careful management of revenue, sales, cash flow, and market share. Momentum is critical, and businesses need to find the resources to […]

Three Signs Your Small Business is Ready to Hire a CFO

When to Hire a CFO

Is your small business growing by leaps and bounds right now? If you’re generating millions of dollars worth of revenue and adding new employees on a regular basis, you should probably have a Chief Financial Officer, also known as a CFO, in place. Your CFO will help propel your growth and steer you clear of […]

What Qualities to Look for in a CFO

CFO Qualities

A chief financial officer, better known as a CFO, is one of the most important people at any company. CFOs are responsible for taking care of all the various financial issues related to running a business. From analyzing current financial statements and tracking a company’s cash flow to planning for the future and establishing the […]

Four Common Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make

CFO Qualities

As a small business owner, you have a lot of different things going on at one time. You’re responsible for everything from keeping tabs on your company’s inventory to providing stellar customer service. It can be too much to manage, and at times, you might inadvertently make accounting mistakes simply because there is so much […]

What is a CFO and What Does a CFO Do?

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Most people are familiar with the important role that a Chief Executive Officer, better known as a CEO, plays at a company. CEOs are the highest-ranking employees at most companies. But not everyone is as familiar with the role that a Chief Financial Officer, better known as a CFO, plays. Continue reading to learn what […]