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What is Quadrant Advisory?

Quadrant Advisory is an accounting, finance, and strategic advisory business firm that creates value, efficiencies, and profits for companies by optimizing their accounting, financial, and operational functions. This is accomplished by outsourcing the professional expertise of our dedicated, cross-functional experts and leveraging technology to create fully synchronized “smart offices” that save time, money, and lead to more informed decisions.

Who is on the Quadrant Advisory Team?

The Quadrant Advisory team consists of a broad spectrum of expertise and certifications including CPAs, MBAs, CFOs, Quickbook Pro Advisors, financial specialists, business owners, and military veterans. Our team of professionals have cross-functional experience across a multitude of industries and successful track records working directly for large multi-disciplinary companies all the way down to boutique entities. We are entrepreneurs who are passionate about working with entrepreneurs and truly value the opportunity to be brought into your organizations and on to your teams as a trusted partner.

What industries does Quadrant Advisory serve?

Quadrant Advisory serves a wide variety of industries, but the majority of our clients fall into the following sectors: technology, software, professional services, digital marketing, and non-profit. This industry mix is ideal for Quadrant Advisory professionals to leverage specialized sector expertise while also being able to offer cross-industry insights that our clients normally would not have access to and always find very helpful.

What types of companies does Quadrant Advisory serve?

Our typical client is a venture-backed early startup, growth-stage company, or established small business that is seeking an accounting and strategic finance partner while being able to minimize costs and remain focused on its own core competencies. Quadrant Advisory also works closely with Venture Capital and Private Equity companies in larger strategic partnerships to monitor key trends and financial insights across their overall portfolios.

What is outsourced accounting?

Outsourced accounting is a service where small businesses are able to access the full offerings of a traditional accounting department, including the experience of specialized CPAs, MBAs, and accountants, all while avoiding the hiring challenges and higher expenses of finding and maintaining quality full-time employees.

How can outsourced accounting services help my business grow?

By outsourcing the accounting management responsibilities to our team of dedicated, highly-skilled professionals it allows you and your team to focus your time and energy on your businesses strategy, goals, and core competencies. By managing your vital back-office functions, we not only save you time, reduce your operating costs, and give you peace of mind, but we also leverage our knowledge of the granular details to arm our clients with crucial insights and big picture takeaways. This helps better inform key decisions and also opens the aperture to alternative ideas and strategies that otherwise never would have been considered. We call it the law of comparative advantage.

What specific services does Quadrant Advisory provide?

Quadrant Advisory services are normally bundled into applicable packages based on the life-stage and needs of your business. Some of these specific services include, but are not limited to the following: bookkeeping, accounting management (AR/AP/Payroll), budgeting, forecasting, cash flow projections and analysis, financial reporting and analysis, GAAP compliance, corporate governance, treasury management, capital raises, recapitalization, investor relations, and overall business strategic advice.

What services does an outsourced CFO advisor perform?

Our outsourced CFO advisory service is one of our most popular services because it provides companies with that senior C-suite level advisor to help senior leadership better manage long-term strategic financial planning, without the burden of a C-suite level salary. Some of the specific areas where our CFOs leverage their expertise include more advanced strategic level financial planning & analysis, budgeting, 13-week cash flow analysis, capital table management, equity compensation, capital raise, M&A, risk management, board of directors management, investor relations, and as an all-around ad-hoc strategic advisor on overall long-term planning.

What differentiates Quadrant Advisory from other service providers?

We are extremely passionate about our work and view it as our mission to drive success with every person and company we work with through a concierge-style, value-driven approach. Our team is invigorated by the passion, dedication, resourcefulness, intellect, and drive of the many startups, growth-stage, and small businesses we are fortunate to work with and we love contributing our expertise to help our clients achieve success at the next level. We accomplish this through a personalized, white-gloved approach that continuously supplies clients with process improvements and valuable insights and are fully committed to being proactive and going the extra-mile in our support. Our company is driven by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and your challenges fuel our fire to help you and your business maximize your potential every day.

How do I know my data is protected?

Data security is a top priority for Quadrant Advisory and sensitive client information is always securely managed through standardized and strict processes and procedures. This is constantly reinforced with a cultural mindset that takes this subject very seriously and we also only use the top tier of technology and application platforms that all incorporate industry leading security and data protection features. Our disciplined procedures include encryption technology, virus and firewall protection, log-in and physical access controls, password protection, strict back-up procedures and secure cloud-based databases that are continuously updated to protect against the latest cyber security threats and malware attacks.. In our experience, Quadrant Advisory often provides a significant immediate upgrade in the level of data security and protection compared with the outdated security and poor internal controls witnessed at many small businesses due to not having the same level of resources and technology that Quadrant Advisory has at its disposal.

Do I need to be located in the Washington DC area to be a Quadrant Advisory customer?

No. Quadrant Advisory represents clients all across the United States. More importantly, due to QA’s experience with leveraging cloud-based accounting technologies, we make it possible for our clients to seamlessly manage and operate their own businesses from anywhere at any time.

Is Quadrant Advisory able to scale with the growth of my business?

Yes. Quadrant Advisory prides itself on being a “ready-bench” of professionals and cross-functional experts that our clients can pull from at any time. This provides our clients with the exact flexibility they need and from a trusted partner that fully understands their business and can help advise them on the best outsourced team composition along the way.

Will I lose insight into the finances of my business if I’m less involved in the day-to-day?

No, just the opposite. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of our tech platforms, as well as the synchronization that exists between them, we are able to deliver the crucial financial insights that our business leaders need to make timely and impactful decisions without getting bogged down in the raw data. With the added personal touch of our experts, we understand your needs and timelines, and will establish a routine battle rhythm to get you the insights you need when you want them.

How much does it cost?

Quadrant Advisory provides different bundles of service based on the life-stage and needs of your business all at a fixed monthly fee. When desired, we also perform more custom work and clean-up projects on an hourly-basis. One of the most compelling aspects of our service is that it costs significantly less than a salary for a full-time employee, without being burdened by the additional payroll and benefit expenses. Furthermore, you will get valuable time back without having to worry about hiring, training, and management responsibilities! Many of our clients are extremely satisfied with the fact that they get a higher quantity and quality of service at a much more competitive price point.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Our managed accounting services require a 60-day cancellation notice and our CFO advisory services can be canceled at any time.

How do I learn more?

Please fill out our contact information here and one of our associates will follow up to schedule a free consultation.

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