How Budget Forecasting Can Help Your Startup

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How Budget Forecasting Can Help Your Startup

Establishing a budget and practicing financial discipline is crucial to achieving long-term business goals, especially for a startup. In order to get off the ground and gain traction, you must be able to consistently deliver goods or services despite the ebbs and tides of cashflow throughout the year. Not sure where to start?

Fortunately, Quadrant Advisory can help you develop a strategic plan to make your company more efficient and stay prepared for surprise expenses.

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that budgeting is about much more than making it to the end of the month out of the red. On the surface you could say that it ensures expenditures don’t exceed income and available cash, but under the guidance of an experienced financial controller, a good budget forecasting strategy goes much deeper.

Budget forecasting not only helps companies understand where their money is going on a day-to-day basis, but it also uncovers insights into the health of business operations.

Both current and past business performance is considered to provide better insights into the future, and to make predictions for possible growth and expansion. By evaluating how well your company functions relative to the goals and expectations you have for the future, a forecasting budget strategy can be created to help you adjust behaviors and track how well you meet or exceed those expectations.

However, setting up a forecasting budget is no trivial task. It requires an understanding of the business and its goals, the industry’s growth expectations, and even the overall economy. Creating a forecasting budget requires the assistance of a dedicated financial professional. Unfortunately, many companies do not have a Chief Financial Officer on staff—especially startups—due to an inability to afford a full-time CFO. For these businesses, a part-time CFO may be a great option.

Quadrant Advisory maintains a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the financial sector. We provide financial planning and budgeting services in the DC area that are tailored to your company’s specific goals. For more information on budget forecasting and how a part-time CFO can help you realize your financial expectations, contact us today.

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