How Your Company Could Benefit from Outsourcing CFO Duties

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How Your Company Could Benefit from Outsourcing CFO Duties

A Chief Financial Officer provides companies valuable insights into profitability, funding, cash flow, compliance, and financial strategy, yet some companies opt not to hire a CFO preferring to add financial strategy to other roles within a company. The reasons are often related to the cost of hiring a full-time professional even though any CFO worth their salt can create more value for a company than the salary they earn.

For companies concerned about the cost of in-house CFO, hiring a part-time, outsourced CFO offers the strategic benefits of one while diminishing the risks of taking on a new executive.

Companies often feel they have the primary functions of a CFO covered by accountants that manage bookkeeping and payroll duties. These roles manage the day-to-day task of keeping accounts current, ensuring expenses are paid and reporting on working capital. Their job is to look at finances in the moment. They track cash flow; they do not investigate cash flow opportunities to save money, add benefits or increase revenue. They are not necessarily thinking strategically about financial planning for a company.

On the other hand, a CFO takes in the big picture and provides insights on how to improve a company’s finances. An outsourced CFO is a resource that the company can call on during special projects or at different stages of a company’s life cycle.

If a company is considering a project that requires a substantial financial investment, such as an acquisition or merger, it may consider hiring a CFO for the duration of the project. The CFO helps steer the company through this transition with budget management, asset allocation, and financial planning.

For a company in a growth phase, a temporary CFO contributes to near-term financial strategy during growth and lays the groundwork for long-term financial planning. They are also crucial for identifying funding sources and securing those funds to ensure the growth is sustainable.

A mature company looks toward an outsourced CFO for enhancing revenue, maintaining compliance and ferreting out any fraud or security risks. They might complete a cash flow analysis to highlight opportunities to increase revenue. They can identify places where profitability is lagging and offer solutions. Also, with the regulatory landscape constantly shifting, they can ensure that a company remains compliant.

However, it is not just during the special times when a CFO comes in handy. An outsourced CFO can offer insights for continuous financial improvements. They can provide cost-benefit analysis through operations to confirm a company’s finances are at peak performance.

These are just a few of the reasons for hiring an outsourced CFO. However, perhaps the most significant advantage to consulting with Quadrant Advisory is that no matter what lifecycle stage a company is in, we can offer a financial officer who is an expert in your company’s specific financial strategy needs. Contact us today to get started!

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